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Added 6/16/2004
Updated 6/29/2004
Ep 26: "The Eternal Sleep"

Seeing as the majority of decent "Miyu" cels have long since disappeared from the market, I seriously doubted I would find a nice unmasked Larva cel any time soon. And I was certain that should I find a nice one any time soon, I would have to pay an exhuberant amount of money for it.

Luckily, this lovely cel of Larva popped up on Ebay with no reserve and a very low starting bid. I actually waited out the last few hours of the auction, certain I would get sniper out-bid by someone, because this was simply too wonderful a cel for me to get away with easily. To my surprise, no one bid against my most recent bid, and I *did* get away with Larva for a sum not even half what I was expecting to pay for a nice Larva cel.

I almost feel bad and guilty for getting this cel for so cheap from the original owner- as I'm certain she almost more than likely paid more for it originally than I ended up winning him at her auction for. I guess I must have had a huge amount of good cel karma stacking up.

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