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The only thing "Eat-Man" Series 1 has in common with the manga is Bolt's jackass sense of humor and the fact that he is a "Boukenya". I will not bother translating "Boukenya" for you, as it has been the source of much debate and angst among it's small fan base. I'll just say that I've seen it translated as such things as "Mercenary", "Explorer" and "Jack of All Trades" in it's English medium. Other than that, the series is about Bolt's odd-jobs from episode to episode, the only constant being a mysterious airship, The L'Avion, which has been destroyed for years, yet will not fall from the sky.

The majority of these original backgrounds and layouts are from the first 2 episodes of the series: "Glass Walls" and "We Who are about to Die". Only 1 or 2 I cannot properly identify. I haven't scanned in all of the backgrounds, and didn't bother with the majority of the layouts. This set came to me in bits and pieces- some of the backgrounds missing several layers and etc. So I've scanned the most complete and the best of the collection and put them up here.

"We Who are about to Die" is about a secret island that the military find very interesting. It is now abandoned, at one time housed a genetic research center where experiments were done on all sorts of living things. Supposedly, all creations were bred with an "extinction gene" that would destroy them in time. However, it seems one horrible creature has survived. The military would like to capture it and study it as a possible weapon, and send a scientist ( Alessa ) and Bolt in after it, under the guise that they are to simply to get information for them. This episode is very interesting, in that it alludes to the idea that Bolt himself was once an experiment here.

( Bolt being a victim of a genetic experiment on humans is solidifed in the second series, "Eat-Man 98". )

 Road of no Return

 The Cliffs


 Tropical Night

 Crest of Water

 Fire Pit

 What's Left

 Sky Burst

 Genetic Equipment



 Lush Backdrop
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